Moderator Guidelines

Moderator Guidelines

Consistency of Decisions


As time goes on there are an increasingly diverse set of moderator requirements that occur.  To remain fair to all community members and posters, it is important that any decisions that a moderator makes are consistent.  This ensures that favouritism does not take place.

This document aims to document both general rules that moderators follow as well as specific situations that occurred that required thought and resolution.

The key guideline follows and should be in mind when dealing with any post:
This community is present for the community and not the whims of the community owner or any moderators.

If at any times the above is broken then it may be time for either the owner to hand over ownership or a moderator to step down.


The following are day-to-day specific posting guidelines:
  • Should be relevant to the community topic
  • Should not contain abusive language directed at individuals (comments also.)
  • No post whose sole purpose or value is direct advertising